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Choice home warranty customer experience:

Rev Rinney, Elizabethton, TN

CONTRACTORS BEWARE!! It has been over 30 days since we completed work. Choice keeps saying the check is in the mail – and not politely. This is the rudest, crudest group I’ve ever dealt with. I was interested to see other comments about how rude they are because it sounds almost unbelievable that grown men would yell at a client – BUT THEY DID.

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Ronner Jake Alexandria, VA

This Company is a “JOKE”. TAKE THIS CROOKS TO JAIL…….. I have a stackable washer/dryer. In fact, my washer part was the one that broke. I requested for a service and paid the deductable up front. Choice Warranty placed an order to replace the WASHER ONLY which they already knew that Stackable washer/dryer comes in ONE PIECE. They called me and told me that it was backorderd and it will take between 8- 12 weeks to get. They said that they are just going to pay me just little over $100 for the washer. They were not willing to fix it. They said that since the Washer is the only one that broke, that’s the only thing that they will have to worry about. Regardless if it’s in ONE PIECE appliance. They considered that as 2 pieces. This company is B… S…!! They really know how to steal people’s money LEGALLY!!! BEWARE!!! If you can get out of their deal, GET YOUR MONEY BACK ASAP.

Rob, Runtsville, GA
The company sucks. poor customer service: manipulative, they try to find all the possible loop holes in the contract, they question every single documentation, timeliness: infinity, repair: NONE, overal rating: 0.

I wished I could give them 0. I checked and the company is only 2 years old from new york. I donot think they will last for more than 5 years.
The worst thing is that while in contract (paid) you cannot do anything and it seems like they can get away. I talked to a radio station and they said to try to get out of the contract (get prorated amount). Dragging lawyers would not make sense as the amount is small. If possible, try relying on your credit card company as they can get you your money back within few days and they go after the company. Do not use your checking account.

Ryan VA
Are you kidding me!!! please ask your inner circle of friends if your comments below are appropiate. It is equally perplexing that you are a “general manager” of a legit business as is this customers “attack” on your firm.

Sherryl Brown is a BRHW customer. She has been with us since December of 2006 and renewed in Feb of 2008. She had 1 prior covered claim before this incident. I spoke with the owner of Carlson Services and read to him this review. He stated she told him it was her water heater leaking so he responded with the Van they use for water heaters. After he arrived, she told him it was the sewer. He can’t fit a water heater and the sewer machine on the same van. He had to go get the other van and yes he was frustrated. He wanted to get the job done for the customer and was delayed because he had the wrong van. He had the wrong van because the customer told him it was a water heater. When he was returning with the sewer machine, the customer called to cancel because she had already contacted someone else to take care of her problem. I have a call in to the customer to discuss this situation with her. She was entitled to call anyone she wanted as sewer mains are not a covered item. That is why I feel this review is improper as it isn’t for a covered claim and she could and did use someone else. It isn’t a reveiw of our Company so much as it is an inappropriate criticism of a non-covered claim which the customer is attempting to “strike out” at us or anyone, because she has a situation that caused her great concern and inconvenience. I’m sure many negative reviews of many companies result from non-covered claims so the consumer chooses to “attack” to gain some sense of power and satisfaction. Warranty Companies have no recourse. Unfortunately for other consumers seeking better warranty companies, it drags us all down. Sherryl is entitled to her opinion. I have called her to discuss this review. She has not returned my call. jfo General Manager, Blue Ribbon Home Warranty, Inc.

Steve, OH
Based on the recent experience, it is easy to sign up but you never get a service you pay for!!!! You end up paying for the repair yourself. Do not go with them, it does not make sense. I made a mistake and I hope you will not. they have never paid for the repair. I wished I have never gone with choice.
regards, steave


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