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If you are looking to insure your home appliances then there are several home warranty companies that offer protection plans. American home shield (AHS)  is one of the large companies in United States that offer home service contracts. The big advantage with AHS is that its policy coverage begins as soon as you make payment. Other companies are not that flexible and you may have to wait for about a month before you can file a repair claim.

While choosing home warranty policies, do not limit your choices to one or 2 companies. Compare and choose. For example you can compare American home shield with other companies on home warranty reviews site.

Here are some reviews against AHS that might help you:

Mary Stewards

AHS has saved me thousands of dollars. They replaced my water heater!

Robert Shuller, Tennisse

I put in a claim for my heating unit which they have denied stating it was a preexisting condition which it TOTALLY untrue! They tried to say that the repairman that THEY sent said this as well as a there being a large amount of water on the basement floor..again untrue. I gave them the name of the company who serviced the unit & that it was in proper working order for 2008. I contacted the serviceman who stated that at no time did he make any of the statements made by CHW. I even went so far as to send a written statement by the plumber that at no time did he state that yet CHW is sticking by their claim that this is a preexisting condition. We were told by the manager that we could either cx policy or take it to court & get nothing. He also said that we only had the policy for 4 mths & he found it IMPOSSIBLE that it could just all of a sudden stop working after not being in use over the summer. They will say anything to get you to sign on with them. I have them on tape saying one thing & then claiming something els. DO NOT USE THIS CO! We learned a hard & EXPENSIVE lesson! Should have stayed with AHS. They are picking & choosing what they feel like fixing & if it is too expensive in their book you are out of luck!

For plumbing related information, check out Plumbing Point

Pierro, CA

I started the contract with this Home Warranty  on 10/27/2008 covering HVAC and making onetime payment of $344 for the contract lasting one year. On 12/02/2008 2 units (furnaces) stopped working. I contacted Choice with repair request. The technician was sent on 12/03/2008 to do the diagnosis – control boards needed to be replaced. Choice refused a repair without additional documentation. The following documents were submitted:
• home inspection report done upon purchasing the property
• diagnosis/checkup of the HVAC systems done on 07/27/2007
• repair and checkup of the HVAC systems done on 06/26/2008
After many phone calls and 14 days with no heat, the customer representative from Choice: Ron Stillwater stated that the repair could not be cover because:
• “it is odd that two of the systems fail in the same time”
• “there is no date on the document from 6/26/2008” even though it is printed
• “there is no signatures on the receipt from 06/26/2008” even though is states on the receipt that it is a electronic invoice and the authenticity can be proven by contacting the company that did the repair/checkup service on 6/26/2008. Ron Stillwater stated that “no company will be contacted”.
• “there are many inconsistencies in provided documentation”… with no additional comments provided.
I need to add that dealing with this guy (company) was the worst customer service experience. Imagine rep. screaming, inventing stories that do not add up…. “the management needs to review your files…” and than 5 sec. later ”oh….it just popped up on my screen that your claim was denied…”. I asked for the manager many times but never no one was available. He was accusing me of taking long time sending the documentation where in fact they (or he) were not replying to my faxes, emails and phone calls. The faxes were being lost and I had to resend the documentation


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December 30, 2009 at 11:11 pm

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