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Nationwide home warranty review by K Lee

  • Customer Service: 1
  • Service Timeliness: 1
  • Repair or Replacement Service: 1
  • Overall Rating: 1

I agree with all the other bad reviews. All the representatives who answer the phone sound the same. Talk very rude if it’s not yelled or hung up. I waited two weeks for a plumbing company to come after countless phone calls. They’ll never initiate arrangement for any schedule. I need to call both Nationwide and the repair company by myself. After another two weeks waiting for the authorization of the repair, Nationwide said I need to provide the maintenance records then they’ll consider if I can get the authorization. My claim item is clothes dryer. The maintenance records need to be done by professional company not by myself doing the clean up every time after the using. I asked the person if she does the maintenance on her dryer. She just coldly said if I don’t have the records then I need to pay from my pocket and this is on our contract. I check my contract thoroughly, there isn’t any clause mentions about maintenance records. I don’t have any more energy arguing with them after almost a whole month fighting. I have to get things straiten out ASAP. So I decided spend my own money to fix the problem.
On 12/5/08, I found 2 charges on my credit card. Nationwide just charged me for 2 of my houses for renew contract without any notice. When I called, the billing person said I have 3 years contract with them. It’s not true. On my contract, it says I have to call them to renew it.
I hate to see other people suffer from the same thing. Nationwide is totally a fraud company. They shouldn’t keep running and cheating other people. I reported them to BBB, Complain.com and FTC (Federal Trade Commission). I also plan to report them to the New York State Attorney General. Please do so if you can. I don’t know if there’s any law can stop this kind of fraud. Hopefully it’ll finally get some attention by the authority if more people report on them.


Written by homewarranty

March 2, 2009 at 2:31 am

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