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Fidelity Home Warranty Ratings

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Review by M Hegde

  • Customer Service: 1
  • Service Timeliness: 1
  • Repair or Replacement Service: 1
  • Overall Rating: 1

I purchased Fidelity Home warranty for my home in California believing I am covered for any plumbing failures and any major appliance failures. But I feel it’s just a waste of money. I would have saved myself a few hundred dollars if I had just stayed out off it.

Recently, I filed a service request when I found out; there was water under my kitchen sink. Fidelity sent a plumber, who determined the leakage was due to wearing of sealant around the faucet. My wife asked him to fix it but he refused saying Fidelity insurance will fix /replace the faucet but will not cover any failure due to wearing off of sealant or caulk. He demanded $50 service charge for coming to this conclusion. I was so surprised by his conclusion, that I called Fidelity and asked them about this. A supervisor told me to read my contract and lo and behold, their contract excludes any wear and tear due to failure in caulking. So in essence Fidelity is telling me caulking is not part of plumbing. I can imagine if at all Fidelity replaces a faucet, the plumber they send is not going to put a water seal around the faucet.

Why does Fidelity do this? I am sure they conducted an audit, which showed them that most of the service calls they were getting regarding plumbing was due to failure of sealants or caulking. So they decided to exclude it. What a nice way to deny a claim. On top of it, I cannot even cancel their plan as I already paid for it upfront.

Is it worth buying the policy just for the sake of big appliances? I had another bad experience last year. I have a GE Profile Stainless steel Refrigerator in my house. For some reason, the freezer could not maintain low temperature. I called Fidelity and they sent out a Sears Home technician. He came out and changed a part. Now the refrigerator started freezing everything kept in it. Even milk and food kept in it would freeze. I called Fidelity again. They sent the technician. The problem did not go away. I made nearly 6 service calls, and the technician came nearly 10 times. Every time they give you a six-hour window and I had to take half day off from work to wait for them. I called Fidelity and asked them, why are they not simply replacing the refrigerator as they promise in their contracts. They response, they never promise, they will replace an appliance. They will think of it only when, the total cost of repairs exceeds $1000 for a $1600 refrigerator. Even after 6 service costs, the total cost was only $600.

So in essence Fidelity is telling me it never cares about its customer’s convenience or “peace of mind” as they put it in their ads. The supervisor I talked to never cared about all those half days of leave I had to take from my job and all those $50s I paid for service calls. They were only hoping I will get fed up and replace the refrigerator my self or stop calling them. That’s what I ended up doing in the end. I could not afford to buy another refrigerator but I just started buying milk for just 2 days.

Source:  Fidelity Home Warranty


Written by homewarranty

March 1, 2009 at 2:29 am

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